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6x9 Speaker Bagger Vent

Bagger Vent Mesh Grilles for Mounting 6x9 Speakers in Saddle Bags.

Bagger Vents 6 x 9 Speaker Mesh Grilles for Saddle Bags

Want to add more sound to your Bagger? Don't drill holes in your bags, install a set of 6x9 Bagger Vents to mount those 6x9 speakers and let the sound out. Simply install in your bags facing inboard or facing out and bolt up your 6x9 speakers to the inside plate.

These mesh speaker grilles are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with stainless steel mesh inserts and come in chrome or black anodized finish to match your ride. THESE ARE TOP QUALITY PIECES!!! Made in the USA.

These do require minor modifications to your saddle bags. Installation instructions are included along with all stainless mounting hardware. SOLD IN SETS (left & right).

Picture of Chrome 6x9 Bagger Vent
Chrome 6x9 Bagger Vent
6x9 Speaker Bagger Vent in Chrome Finish
Black Anodized 6x9 Speaker Bagger Vent
6x9 Speaker Bagger Vent in Black Anodized Finish
Black Anodized Options
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